cable reels

Eagle Integrity Services supplies a wide range of cable reels for a variety of applications, ranging from mono-spiral cable reels for Container Cranes, to large diameter drum reels for Stacker-Reclaimers in large stockyards. Eagle Integrity Services has experienced staff that can design the correct reel for the customer’s application.

All of our products have a very high local content with only limited specialized components being imported from overseas suppliers. Our experienced field service technicians can assist in the commissioning and maintenance of all components of the cable reels.

As the local agent for various global leaders in cable supply’s Eagle Integrity Services offers a range of Festoon and reeling cables. Cables can be ordered in a number of configurations, according to international standards.  This allows Eagle Integrity Services to offer the customer the reeling cable that best suits his application, from low voltage solutions right up to 22 KV solutions.

insulated buzz bar

Our insulated buzzbar system are delivered in standard lengths of 4.5m. Current ratings range from 100A to 450A. The systems are designed for easy installation and maintenance and provide a cost effective solution for a variety of applications. Our buzzbar systems are designed and supplied in accordance with the user requirement and come complete with all accessories such as Current Collectors, Joints and Brackets to ensure smooth implementation.


Eagle Integrity has been involved with developing and manufacturing roof-mounted pantographs for over 60 years. Our products are used for high-speed services, regional and local transport, trams and metropolitan railways, metros, locomotives, railway traction vehicles (EMUs), in the industry and in mining on mine locomotives and trucks. They enjoy an excellent reputation among manufacturers and railway operators alike. Each of our roof-mounted pantographs is specially developed and produced according to customer requirements and the line network specifications, based on a wide range of well-engineered series and model types. This creates individual, optimal solutions at minimum cost and in the shortest possible time.

insulated earth collector

Many large machines running on rails require the earthing of the machine to the rail. This prevents lightning strikes and stray earth currents from flowing through the bearings of the bogeys. Increasing the overall life of the bearings, and preventing costly downtime. These earth collectors are rated to 300A, locally produced and by far the most commonly used earth collector in Southern Africa.

cable reel drive train assembly

We are able to supply complete solutions consisting of our in-house designed and manufactured Magnetic Coupler combined with an electric motor and suitably designed gear-box with our without anti-runback. In selected applications, Variable Speed Drive applications may also be considered.

slip ring assembly

Our slip-ring assemblies are used to provide Single and 3 Phase power up to 22KV to moving machinery. In addition to power we are able to incorporate control signals and optical fibre singals. Our assemblies can be manufactured to suit a variety of installation environments and operating conditions
including marine environments.

diamond track Festoon

Diamond Track – The diamond track festoon system is the most versatile festoon on the market. This system is especially suited to those applications where the festoon needs to follow a none linear path. The trolleys allow for the festoon to bend around corners without grabbing or derailing.

C-Track – This range of festoons, are a cost effective solution for small lightweight festoon system requirements. The trolleys run in a C-Track which allows for easy installation. Conductor Systems offers a wide range of accessories to assist in the installation.

I-Beam – Conductor systems offers a wide range of festoon systems that are suitable for use on any I-Beam. This allows for festoon rails of a longer hanging span to be implemented, and even to use existing structural sections to be used as the track for the festoon system.


Customized containerized solutions from Motor Control Centres, mobile generation distribution substations through control rooms, operator cabins
and E-Houses.


Eagle Integrity Services supply the following quality products: Cable Reels
Reeling Cable & Flat Festoon Cable
Slip-Ring Assemblies (LV, MV, Fibre Optic & Pilot)
Earth Collectors
Insulated Conductor Bar Systems
Festoon Systems
Containerize solutions
Control Rooms
Operator Cabins


Eagle Integrity Services supply the following quality products:
Needs Analysis
Solution design
Commissioning assistance
Preventative maintenance
On-site support




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